Masterpieces for Mickey Mouse, plus GRAND Social No. 193 link party for grandparents

Masterpieces for Mickey Mouse

My four-year-old grandson, Mac, (who would correct me if reading this, pointing out he's  actually four and a half!) was pleased as could be that our villa at Walt Disney World included art supplies. Meaning, the typical pad of paper and pen one might typically find in a hotel room.

To Mac, that pad and pen were perfect tools for creating masterpieces he could hand off to Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and others we might run into on our Disney Grand Adventure. Unfortunately, Mac forgot to put his pics in his pocket the day we actually met Mickey, and the days he did remember, we had no luck in crossing paths with characters.

So I told Mac I'd take home his masterpieces for Mickey and the gang and post them in spots his Disney pals may see them. The renderings originally featured the artist's signature, Mac's real name, but in the name of online safety for my sweetie, I removed them. All the same, though, these are for you, Mickey, Minnie and more — from Mac, whose bloggy name must suffice.

drawing of Mickey Mouse 

Considering the talented artist is just four years old, I mean, four...

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