Saturday movie review: A QUIET PLACE

Saturday movie review: A QUIET PLACE

My husband and I saw A QUIET PLACE last weekend, opening weekend for the drama/horror flick directed by John Krasinski and starring him and wife Emily Blunt. The nerve wracking film was, of course, the feature of our theater-going experience, yet it was the audience that delivered the most interesting performance. Because they were quiet. Silent, in fact. Each and every viewer.

That never happens at the theater. Ever. People talk, laugh, question what's on screen, peek at phone screens that light up, ruffle wrappers, slurp sodas, and loudly gobble handfuls of popcorn.*

Not so during A QUIET PLACE. The entire place was quiet as can be. Which I found crazy... and compelling... and a huge compliment to Krasinski, Blunt, and all involved in making the movie.

A QUIET PLACE is so very...

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Saturday movie review: The Hollars

I have a soft spot for movies about messed up families. If dysfunctional families were a film sub-category, you know, like coming-of-age is, I'd have to say it's one of my favorites.

I don't simply have a thing for dysfunctional families. I come from a dysfunctional family. And, trust me, if a film were made called The Aukemas (my maiden name) and based on the Aukemas (my family of origin), it would not make for enjoyable viewing.

THE HOLLARS, though, is enjoyable to watch. Trust me on that, too. The dramedy puts fun in dysfunction and proved a pleasurable hour and a half with the Mom, Dad, and two adult brothers who make up the fictional Hollar clan.

the hollars on DVD

I give (most of) the credit for that fun and pleasure to John Krasinski. Sure, he played the youngest Hollar brother to perfection, but his acting takes a backseat here to his directing (he also produced it).

His first time in the director chair, Krasinski — working with a stellar screenplay...

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