A grand monster mash! Plus, GRAND Social No. 277 link party for grandparents

A grand monster mash! Plus, GRAND Social No. 277 link party for grandparents

Hooray for Halloween! And for Halloween fun courtesy JibJab!

Do you make JibJab videos featuring your grandkiddos? I made a fun one for Halloween and hoped to embed it here for all to see. Alas, JibJab no longer allows users to download their videos for embedding (boo!), so here are a few screenshots of my creation.

I'd love for ya'll to see the silliness in full, though, so if you have a sec, click on over to my grand monster mash mixup for ghoulishly goofy Happy Halloween wishes from...

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Saturday movie brief: Boogie men

Saturday movie brief: Boogie men

Halloween puts me, like many folks, in the mood for scary movies. With Tuesday being Halloween, this weekend is the perfect time for feasting on frightful flicks.

Thing is, it's so horrifically hard to find scary movies that don't make me want to puke because of the gore or hide away in a country compound built just for my family and me because the sickos on screen are too close to some real-life psychos — or the possibility of such — in our current society.

I've yet to come up with a horror flick to enjoy with my husband this Halloween weekend, one with a fair share of scare but not so much I have to flick on every light in the house as I head to bed — or dive onto the bed when I reach it so a boogie man doesn't grab me from beneath. (I'm not the only who still does that, am I?)

I did, though, find this fun montage of old-time boogey men, from...

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Halloween candy stats by state, plus GRAND Social No. 276 link party for grandparents

Halloween candy stats by state, plus GRAND Social No. 276 link party for grandparents

We're one week out from trick-or-treat time. Have you stocked up on candy yet?

I recently received an interesting graphic from CandyStore.com on the top treats by state. Scroll over the interactive map for a closer look at the sweet stats.

What's tops in your state? I was surprised to see that M&Ms weren't tops in Colorado, where apparently Milky Ways are king, considering how many pounds of the plain or peanut goodies my husband...

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The Halloween Edition: GRAND Social No. 229 link party for grandparents

Happy Halloween!

Time for some goblins and ghouls. And skeletons — Silly Symphonies style:


Does anyone else remember being delightfully spooked by such shiver-inducing shenanigans? Those were the days, right? Far more fun than freaky clowns terrifying towns and...

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Final treat, plus GRAND Social No. 179 link party for grandparents

Final treat

Yay for November! Before we plunge headlong into the new month, I have a final October treat: My grandsons in their trick-or-treating attire!

Soldier Bubby...

soldier costume 

Hulk Mac...

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Grandma's colorful, creepy crowd

Halloween has gotten far more colorful since I became a grandma.

A little more creepy, too, I must admit.

Proof lies in my seasonal pics from the past seven years:

halloween costumes 

Oh, how I love my creepy, colorful...

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Saturday movie review: 'The Awakening'

Come the Halloween season, I crave a spooky movie. Not a scary-as-all-get-out movie, you know, the sort so evil one fears they've surely opened the gates of hell simply by watching it. And not the violent, gory, bloody yuck fests, either. And definitely not the poorly written, poorly acted scream fests featuring babbling blondes running from madmen in masks.

No, I like a good old-fashioned, suspense-filled ghost story. One with just the right amount of startles and chills yet one that allows me to afterward walk — not run! — up the two flights of stairs to my bedroom without having to turn on every light along the way or jump onto my bed in fear of what may be underneath it.

The Awakening

Such quality creepy films are hard to find. So each Halloween season for several years I've...

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When editors decorate for Halloween

I once was an editor. I worked at the newspaper. I had an office of my own. And I had a desk upon which I could place holiday tchotchkes of my choosing.

One Halloween season I was delighted to find a very special treat jar at the drugstore. I bought it, edited it, filled...

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