A daring and sharing Grilled GrandPA

I've featured many a lovely lady here for the Grilled Grandma feature, but today I bend the rules just a tad and grill up a grandpa. As the grilled grandpa, John, said in his request to be grilled — yes, he asked me — "some of us testosterated reparenters make good bonne-mamans, too." (That's "grandma" for those who don't know ... and might need to Google it, like I did.)

How could I refuse? To be honest, I didn't even consider refusing, as John's a good bloggy buddy to Grandma's Briefs.

Yes indeed, John makes a marvy bonne-maman. An even better one once grilled. One quote from his grilling that proved most resonant for me was this:

Good talk with kids is underrated. It's not something you can do without practice. If you want to learn something about children, you can't ask them outright unless you already have a working conversation going with them. They need to know you've been listening all along.

As the primary caregiver for three grandsons, John knows of what he speaks, and he offers much more wisdom and wisecracks about his experience as a grandfather, a "reparenter," and a most interesting man in Grilled Grandpa: John. While there, be sure to show him some comment love. It's the least we can do for the only male — so far! — brave enough to willingly join the Grilled Grandma gang.

Today's question:

What stands out most in your memories of your grandfather?