Safe & spectacular! Plus, GRAND Social No. 262 link party for grandparents

Safe and spectacular!

I hereby send to you and yours sincere wishes for safe yet spectacular Independence Day celebrations!

july fourth sparkler painting 

Let freedom ring! (As well as tolerance, kindness, compassion, persistence, forgiveness and fortitude plus all the other bits of goodness that make me proud to be an American... despite recent...

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Happy July Fourth, plus GRAND Social No. 213 link party for grandparents

Happy July Fourth!

Jim is free from the hospital as of last Thursday! We're celebrating that as well as the Fourth of July today, despite the fact my hubby will be hobbling about — without bearing weight on his right foot or he will be in trouble of epic proportion from me and the doctors — for six weeks. Things could certainly be worse.

fourth of july 2016 

Wishing you and yours a safe and happy...

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Back to business and GRAND Social No. 112 link party

Back to business

I hope your Fourth of July was fabulous. (That goes even for those who are not U.S. residents, as you still had a fourth of July albeit not an Independence Day Fourth of July.)

As you can see, my grandsons certainly enjoyed their holiday celebrations:

grandsons Fourth of July

I, too, had a...

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4 things that make the Fourth of July

For some, it's baseball, hot dogs and apple pie that mark the fourth day of July as, well, the Fourth of July. And, of course, there's the fireworks, American flag and patriotism that most of us could never do without. 

 bowlful of cherries

For me, though, there are four more things that, without them, it simply...

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