'I'm your caption, I'm your caption!' Plus, GRAND Social No. 341 link party for grandparents

'I'm your caption, I'm your caption!' Plus, GRAND Social No. 341 link party for grandparents

‘I’m your caption, I’m your caption!’

In last week’s GRAND Social, I asked for caption suggestions for a funny photo of my sweet Benjamin. I also posted the pic to social media and asked for captions from folks there.

I gotta tell ya, I sure got some smile-worthy suggestions! Some silly, and some sweet.

Here—as I promised last week and with apologies to Grand Funk Railroad for the blog headline above (yeah, yeah, yeah)—are two of my favorite captions. One appeals to the Denver Broncos fan in me, the other the wishful-thinking grandma in me.

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Yay, Broncos! Plus, GRAND Social No. 191 link party for grandparents

Yay, Broncos!

The Denver Broncos are going to the Super Bowl! Hooray for the home team!

It was sheer joy all across social media last night for Broncos fans — and the Broncos — as Peyton Manning and the gang beat (big time!) Tom Brady and the Patriots!

Denver Broncos Instagram page
Celebration on the Denver Broncos Instagram Page

Congratulations, Broncos! Let's take...

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Denver Broncos fans... still

Though it's been more than a week since the heartbreak of the Super Bowl, I finally got to see my grandsons in their Denver Broncos wear I had sent them for the game.

young Denver Broncos fans

They assured me they did wear the shirts during the Super Bowl. Bubby said he even crossed all his fingers, toes and legs in hopes things would go our way. Alas, if only their efforts had saved the game.

We're all crossing our fingers things will go better next time.

And there will be a next time.

Today's question:

What team clothing do you regularly wear, for football teams or otherwise?

Denver Broncos fans, 1990

Throwback Thursday
I've shared this photo several times in the past. Yet never before has there been a more perfect pic for Throwback Thursday, considering the mighty Denver Broncos head to the Super Bowl this Sunday.

little girl Broncos fans 1990

Now that they're all grown up and moved out, the three sisters will root, root, root for their home team miles and miles apart from one another.

Despite those miles, though, we're all together on this:


Today's question:

What are your plans for Super Bowl Sunday?