That time my grandsons became pirates

pirate boys

When my two oldest grandsons, their mom, and I all visited Walt Disney World in January for our grand-as-can-be Disney Grand Adventure, one of the delights for Mac and Bubby was when they became pirates. Real pirates, with real pirate names.

See, Walt Disney World has a special add-on experience called The Pirates League, in which boys and girls with a buccanneer spirit can be transformed into a pirate with their own pirate look and their own pirate name. All with the goal of becoming a new recruit to team up with Captain Jack and his...

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Multigenerational travel: My 5 fantasy vacations at Walt Disney World resorts

Grandparents treating grandchildren. Parents inviting their parents. Mother/daughter, father/son trips together as adults — no youngsters allowed.

Multigenerational travel is the way to go for baby boomers and beyond. In fact, about 36 percent of families are planning such a trip for and with their beloveds in the next 12 months.

I recently had my first taste of multigenerational travel when Disney invited me for a Disney Grand Adventure to Walt Disney World, and my daughter and two of her sons (my grandsons!) joined me for the fun. It was indeed fun. And fabulous. And memorable. And it led me to consider other multigenerational vacations I'd be delighted to pursue.

walt disney world resorts

I had the grand opportunity to tour several Walt Disney World resorts on my Disney Grand Adventure. So, naturally, when considering future trips with various generations of my family...

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Introducing my Disney Grand Adventure co-adventurers

My Disney Grand Adventure wasn't only about experiencing the sights and sounds, thrills, chills, and spills of Walt Disney World with my daughter and grandsons. No, it was about work. My work as a member of the media.

I was joined on the work portion of the adventure — if you can call touring Walt Disney World resorts work — by a great group of gals. I spent nearly as much time with my media co-adventurers as I did my family, and I couldn't have been included with a better bunch of bloggers, writers, media mavens. They were funny, generous, interesting, inspiring, supportive, worth getting to know, worth following.

I'd like to introduce them to you.

Disney Grand Adventure media 

From left to right in our one and only group photo, taken on the grand stairs of...

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