Sweets, meats and lots of wine

World Food Festival

Jim and I attended the inaugural World Food Festival in Colorado Springs on June 1, and the array of ethnic delights were so beautifully presented I can't resist sharing a taste with you — photographically, of course.

There were sweets...


And meats...


Musical treats and merchandise for sale...


Plus wine. Lots and lots of wine...

wine from cheers liquor mart 

Let me assure you, the food tasted as good as it looks. (Though I must admit I didn't taste the paella. Or the fried plantains.)

Attendees voted for the best in a variety of categories (the list of winners can be seen here), and though I had never tasted curry before, other than the truffle shot — which was non-alcoholic and basically just a shot of melted chocolate — the curry topped my list of "bests." Well, the salted caramel fudge was pretty darn tasty, too. Oh, and the raspberry mini bundt cakes. As well as every single one of the five (five? six?) different wines I tried, too.

Heck, it all was fabulous!

I look forward to the World Food Festival becoming an annual event. If it does, perhaps I'll get really daring next year and try paella. Maybe fried plantains, too. Like curry, I've never had either before.

Yeah, not very worldly am I?

Disclosure: I received a free media pass for myself and a guest (Jim) for this event.

Today's question:

What ethnic food have you never tried but would like to?