Summer vacation: Four must-do multigenerational trips

summer vacation ideas

Now that we're well into March, planning summer trips tops the to-do list of many a mama, grand or otherwise.

For your consideration, here are four of my favorite trips of the past couple years — all ideal for enjoying with multiple generations. Meaning, they're perfect places to gather together loved ones young and not-so-young plus everyone in between for an unforgettable summertime celebration.

The following trips cover far-reaching regions of the country — California, Colorado, Michigan, Florida — so there's surely one befitting your family's most-convenient location or dream destination.


morro bay

I live in Colorado, where majestic mountains are many — and significant bodies of water few and far between. Nearly non-existant, to be honest.

The scarcity of impressive lakes and such in our home state is a big reason why my daughter and I were so enchanted by the sights along California's central coast when we visited together in May. From Cayucos and San Simeon to Cambria and Morro Bay, the abundant water in all — each location surprisingly different with distinct character all its own — soothed our souls in unexpected ways.

As we soaked up and savored each spot, we discussed many times... Click to continue reading about this trip.



Until a couple weeks ago, when thinking about the YMCA, my thoughts turned to workout equipment, fitness classes, swimming lessons. I certainly never considered the Y as a destination spot for a family vacation.

A weekend at the YMCA of the Rockies changed all that. I now have countless reasons why YMCA of the Rockies ranks near the top of my list of family getaways. And countless photos confirming those reasons, a mere smidgen of which I'll share here.

why vacation at the ymca of the rockies

The YMCA of the Rockies recently offered me a multigenerational travel opportunity I couldn't refuse: a free weekend in a fully furnished log cabin located on its 850-acre property minutes from downtown Estes Park, Colorado, and bordered on three sides by Rocky Mountain National Park. Estes Park has long been one of my family's favorite spots in our state, so though we weren't quite sure what a winter stay at the Y might be like, my husband and my oldest daughter and her family and I jumped at... Click to continue reading about this trip.



My home state of Colorado is where my heart is. Though I love to travel and see places big and small, metropolitan and rural, historic or brand-spanking new, I've never visited a place that felt like home to me, a spot that made me say to myself or others, "Hey, I could live here!"

Until I visited Michigan.

alpena and tawas michigan

Pure Michigan, the mitten state's travel-marketing division, invited me to spend a long weekend visiting two special communities on the "sunrise coast" of Michigan: The Tawases (Tawas City and East Tawas) and Alpena. I honestly never considered Michigan as a travel destination but I accepted the offer... and immediately fell in love with both communities and the unbelievably warm and welcoming people.

I began my journey in The Tawases, hosted by... Click to continue reading about this trip.



Grandparents treating grandchildren. Parents inviting their parents. Mother/daughter, father/son trips together as adults — no youngsters allowed.

Multigenerational travel is the way to go for baby boomers and beyond. In fact, about 36 percent of families are planning such a trip for and with their beloveds in the next 12 months.

I recently had my first taste of multigenerational travel when Disney invited me for a Disney Grand Adventure to Walt Disney World, and my daughter and two of her sons (my grandsons!) joined me for the fun. It was indeed fun. And fabulous. And memorable. And it led me to consider other multigenerational vacations I'd be delighted to pursue.

walt disney world resorts

I had the grand opportunity to tour several Walt Disney World resorts on my Disney Grand Adventure. So, naturally, when considering future trips with various generations of my family — all of which would have a different feel and outcome based on who... Click to continue reading about this trip.

Happy planning, grandmothers and others!