Success! Blog facelift complete!


It worked! I did it! Grandma's Briefs has survived a facelift. I survived the facelift, the migration from Squarespace 5 to Squarespace 7.*

Now, you might think moving from one version to another of the same website host can't be all that different. But goodness gracious, my friends, the changes (and learning curve) are huge

Much of Grandma's Briefs remains the same, as you can surely tell. I hope you can also tell there are some super slick new ways of strutting, I mean, sharing my stuff here. Let me point out a few.


  • Comment threading! I have never been able to reply directly to comments left by my amazing readers. Now I can! And I'm pretty sure said amazing readers (that's you all) will be able to reply directly to one another's comments, too. (We'll see with this post, I think.)
  • A burst of HEARTS when you "like" a post.
  • Featured content. At the top of the home page, in the Recipe Box, and more.
  • A bigger, better, more beautifuler Brag Book
  • That nifty banner at the very top of the site you can click to tell me of snafus. (Which won't be there forever.)
  • Speaking of very top.... there's a cool little blue button that floats down the page with you that you can click to take you smoothly back to the top of the page.
  • An improved Grilled Grandma page, About page, Contact page.

And those are just the things you can see. There are abundant improvements on the back end of my blog that I hope, no, I know, will make blogging less overwhelming for me, more enjoyable for you.

I hope.

Once I fix and tweak the things I know are wonky.

Once I figure out this and that that prevents wonkiness from the get go..

Like I said, it's a huge learning curve. I'm determined to learn it, though.

Thank you for sticking with me during the change... and on the journey that lies ahead! 

*You guys, Squarespace rocks. Big time. And is so simple (kinda, sorta, with the help of their tech support team) that even a grandma can do it! If you're considering blogging or moving to a new platform, I sincerely suggest you check them out.