Strangers snapping special shots

Twice during my time in the desert this past week, strangers offered — fully unsolicited — to photograph special shots of our family time.

First, after Jak's baptism, a woman whom Megan later told me she had no idea who she was offered to photograph (and firmly direct the placement of) the entire family in attendance for the milestone event.

baby baptism

Second, upon seating for the Harkins Summer Movie Fun feature — a heat-relief activity Bubby and Mac enjoy weekly — I proceeded to photograph Jim, Bubby, Mac and Brianna, when a kind woman offered to take my camera and capture the moment with Gramma in the picture as well.

grandparents and grandchildren at movie

Though both acts of kindness by strangers were completely unsolicited, both were completely and sincerely appreciated.

Both acts also inspired me to be on the lookout for opportunities to do the same for others. Considering my proclivity for clicking camera shutters, how much simpler could paying it forward be?

Today's question:

What acts of kindness by strangers have you recently witnessed, performed or been the recipient of?