Sponge bombs for summer fun

Super simple, sloppy, summer (and spring!) fun!

sponge bombs for summer fun 


  • Basic rectangular household sponges in various colors (two per sponge bomb)


  • Cut each sponge lengthwise into four pieces for a total of eight strips per sponge bomb.
  • Gather the eight strips evenly together. Secure the handful of strips in the center with the cable tie, pulling as tight as possible.

Sponge bombs are great for practicing juggling.

sponge bombs

Playing catch.

Getting them super soaking wet...

sponge bombs 

...and bombing one another.

sponge bombs

Again and again!

sponge bombs

sponge bombs

Or anything else a youngster's imagination might devise.

sponge bombs

Note: The sponge bombs last longer if kept moist; when dry, the strips break easily.

Today's question:

Who would you most like to sponge bomb today?