Social media success: Cast iron skillet pizza

Sunday dinners at my place usually feature food of a relatively traditional sort. Not massive spreads, by any means, but certainly not pizza.


This past Sunday Jim and I were busy all day (messing around on, I confess) and by the time dinner needed fixin' I didn't feel like fixing it. Yet we've resolved to cut down on our dining — and ordering — out, which meant I had to come up with something on which we could sup.

So I turned to a relatively new addition to my easy-meal repertoire: Cast iron skillet pizza. Andrea recently gave me a cast iron skillet, and pizza is what I use it for most often. Most often just throwing it together with whatever ingredients I have on hand.

What I had on hand Sunday was the makings for a pepperoni-onion-green-pepper pie. When it was done, it looked exceptionally yummy, so I snapped a shot and shared it on social media.

Now, as a blogger, I share a lot of stuff on social media. Usually graphics meant to lure, er, lead social media followers to my posts here. Pics posted regularly, most with a fair-to-middling number of likes and success rate in getting eyes on written pieces I've worked hard to cleverly craft.

A pizza pie I threw together with limited thought? Bam! Instant success on social media. Likes right away, followed by requests for the recipe soon after.

pizza on instagram.JPG

Which told me two things:

1. Food for the belly holds more appeal (for most of us) than food for thought.

2. My blogging strategy needs tweaking. In particular, more photos of food. Followed by recipes for featured food photos.

In light of those lessons, today I feature my pizza photo... here on my blog... followed by the recipe... which you can find right here: Cast Iron Skillet Pizza.

Bon appetit!