Snow, buds, and the truth about #SpringtimeInTheRockies

If you've been on social media a bit lately, you've likely come across the hashtag #SpringtimeInTheRockies here or there. If you live someplace other than the Rocky Mountain region, the hashtag may have conjured romantic visions of some sort or another.

For residents of the Rockies, the hashtag reads #ThatCrazyPsychoBullshitOfSpringtimeInTheRockies, the italicized part an unwritten given for those who know what springtime in the Rockies truly entails.

To wit:

I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado — the Rockies. On Saturday we had snow (which I shared on Facebook):

On Monday, there was sunshine and bountiful buds about my yard:

springtime buds on trees 

Yesterday there was graupel. (For those whom graupel — a staple of our springs and summers... and sometimes fall and winter — baffles, here's the gist.) Rain is forecast through Friday, with snow scheduled for Saturday.

Beyond that, we'll surely see more buds in bloom... or a blizzard.

That's just the way Mother Nature conducts herself in #SpringtimeInTheRockies — pronounced by local folks as #ThatCrazyPsychoBullshitOfSpringtimeInTheRockies.

And we wouldn't have it any other way, for there's certainly no place like home. Springtime or any time.