Sirens, earworms and closer to fine

I write quite often here about movies and about books. I realized this week that I very rarely write about music anymore, especially after changing the focus of my Saturday posts from "The Saturday Post" to "The Saturday Movie Review."

I love and appreciate music just as much as I love and appreciate movies and books. And when it comes to music, I think the songs that move and matter to someone tell so much about them, far more so than movie and book selections do.

In light of that, today I share with you the music I've appreciated most — or at least listened to and thought of the most — this past week. Naturally, just telling you about that music won't do, so here are the songs and the stories of why they've moved and mattered to me this week.

Closer to Fine by Indigo Girls
My sister Debbie has been in the hospital again for more than a week. Each day I'd hope and pray she'd be okay, hope and pray she'd get a little closer to fine. She finally started getting that way late Tuesday.


Say Something by A Great Big World and Christina Aguillera
I can't stop hearing (and loving) this song... for a bajillion different reasons. Especially after Jim shared this video of a toddler being moved to tears by it, because that's just how it makes me feel sometimes.


Drowned by Pete Townshend
Speaking of earworms, this was another this week. Why? I don't know for sure. But I've loved this song ever since Jim and I were (very) young parents, with one little girl here and another on the way. It pops up now and again as an earworm, most often when that girl who was on the way all those years ago is on my mind.


Sirens by Pearl Jam
This. Yes. Just because what is a week without Pearl Jam on most days? This is my favorite of late.

Today's question:

What songs have you enjoyed most this past week?