Siblings: Three sets and counting

I come from a family of seven siblings...

seven siblings 

My daughters are a family of three siblings...

three sisters 

And my grandsons are a family of two siblings, with the third and final sibling scheduled to arrive in June...

two brothers 

I'm considering the state of the siblings in my family today because today, April 10, is National Siblings Day.*

A portion of what I'm considering — besides the fact that there are some pretty darn adorable siblings in those photos above — is that the number of siblings in American families is shrinking. Or so it seems, not only in my family, but in most families.

It makes me wonder how many siblings will be in the families of my grandchildren to come, those kiddos whose moms will be my eldest daughter and my youngest daughter (as the 2.75 grandkids I currently have belong to my middle daughter).

It makes me wonder, too, how many siblings there might be in the families my grandchildren will eventually form when they reach the family-forming phase.

Hmmm... Just a little something to ponder on this National Siblings Day.

Cheers to you and the siblings in your family... no matter their number.

*What the heck is National Siblings Day? According to Wikipedia (with date updated by me), "In the US, 79% of all children have siblings when growing up. Similar to Mother's Day or Father's Day, the holiday is intended to be a celebration of the relationship of brothers and sisters. 2014 marks the 15th year the day has been celebrated."

Today's question:

Do your family numbers support the theory that family size is shrinking? How many siblings in your family of origin, your children's family and those of your grandchildren?