Sharing trailers

movie trailersToday I'm sharing movie trailers with you rather than a movie review. Reason being, well, I didn't watch a movie this past week to review here. Because I was at Life@50+, where some great movies were playing for the Movies For Grownups Film Festival... but I didn't get chance to see them.

(In all honesty, I did see most of one but had to leave before it ended to catch a trolley tour. But what good is a movie review from someone who didn't watch the entire film?)

Several of the movies screened at Life@50+ look pretty good, though, and I hope to eventually watch them and share my review with you. For now, though, I'll share the trailers of those I most look forward to seeing.


Words and Pictures — Starring Clive Owen and Juliette Binoche


And So It Goes — Starring Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton

A Night in Old Mexico — Starring Robert Duvall and Jeremy Irvine


Today's question:

Which of the movies above are you most interested in seeing?