Serving up silliness

My youngest grandson seems to be maturing far more quickly than I recall being the case with his two older brothers. At just over 15 months, Jak's been working diligently on mastering basic skills seemingly in hopes he'll be as independent as Bubby and Mac as soon as possible.

Skills like feeding himself.

Megan texts photos now and then of the goofy boy's progress. Most recently these:

toddler eating yogurt

toddler loves ketchup

Jak's messy methods certainly seem to be working. He eats right along with the older boys much of the time. He's apparently getting all the nutrition he needs, too. The toddler's inching closer and closer to being the very same size as his munchkin-sized brother Mac, who's three years older (albeit a far more picky eater).

Perhaps Mac should follow his baby brother's lead: Forgoing spoon use just might be the secret to growing big and strong. It's either that or the copious ketchup consumption.

Today's question:

When did you last use a spoon and what did you eat with it?