Saturday movie review: 'Winter's Tale'

I originally planned to open this review of WINTER'S TALE by saying I'm not really all that into romantic movies. Considering last week's review was of a romance too, though, I think that might make me appear a liar.

On the other hand, last weekend was Valentine's Day weekend, so I don't think viewing back-to-back romances means I'm a sucker for them.

Winter's Tale poster

Oh, forget it... I'll be honest. Okay, I'm a sucker for romance. When done right. And I think WINTER'S TALE, despite a few clunky spots, does it right. At least right enough for me.

WINTER'S TALE, which opened in theaters on Valentine's Day, stars Colin Ferrell as Peter Lake and Jessica Brown Findlay (lovely Lady Sybil from Downton Abbey) as Beverly Penn. It's a magical tale of love and miracles and believing in unbelievable things. Like flying horses. And time travel. And love that transcends time, truly lasts forever.


As "impossibly beautiful" as Ferrell and Brown Findlay are paired with a love story — and chemistry — that's out of this world, it's impossible for anyone even remotely susceptible to romantic persuasions to not suspend belief and fall in love with this film.

That said, I didn't love at all Russell Crowe as Peter's nemesis, mostly because I've grown tired of Crowe always being a doity rat. I fear he's become a caricature of the bad-guy character and far from the leading actor he once was.

I also absolutely hated Will Smith in the role of Lucifer. It just seemed such a chuckle-chuckle, nudge-nudge sort of casting unbefitting the mystical feel of the film. Watching both him and Crowe — especially in the scenes they had together — interrupted the flow of the story for me, the belief in the magical. I think lesser-known actors would have been better choices instead of Smith and Crowe.

On the other hand, I must say that I appreciate Colin Ferrell with every new role. Not just his jaw-dropping good looks, but more so the heart and soul that he puts into characters.

Here's more on WINTER'S TALE, a featurette from the filmmakers:


WINTER'S TALE (rated PG-13 for "violence and some sensuality") is now playing in theaters. Additional lovey-dovey stuff on the film can be found on Facebook, Twitter and the official WINTER'S TALE website.

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