Saturday movie review: Wild Canaries (update!)

Last fall I published a movie review on a screwball comedy called WILD CANARIES. I screened it as part of the 2015 Starz Denver Film Festival and at the time, there was no trailer for the film, no rating for the film, no release date for the film. Still, I was compelled to share with you then the wildly entertaining film.

Well, good things come to those who wait!

Wild Canaries film poster

I'm now compelled to tell you there is not only a trailer, WILD CANARIES is now in limited release around the country (though it's still not rated). But wait! That's not all! The film is available online through numerous streaming options, which means everyone, regardless of where you might live, can enjoy WILD CANARIES. And enjoy it you will.

Here is much of what I had to say in my original review of WILD CANARIES:

The minute you get the chance to see WILD CANARIES,you absolutely must. This funky, romantic, comedic, screwball murder mystery is in a class of its own and not to be missed.

WILD CANARIES directed by Lawrence Michael Levine stars Levine as Noah and his real-life wife, Sophia Takal, as Barri, a recently engaged couple living in Brooklyn. Noah and Sophia have a roommate named Jean (Alia Shawkat), an unconventional landlord named Damien (Jason Ritter), and a neighbor named Anthony (Kevin Corrigan) whose elderly mother recently dropped dead.

Barri suspects Anthony murdered his mother and, against Noah's initial wishes, recruits Jean to help her prove Anthony's guilt. From there, comedy ensues as the entire cast of characters — along with Eleanor (Annie Parisse) Noah's ex and coworker who just so happens to be Jean's new crush — set out on a zany whodunit of hilarious yet low-key proportion.

My bottom-line, one-word description for WILD CANARIES: Fun! In every respect. The script is fast-paced fun. The acting is out-there fun — even by those who, on paper, might be deemed lecherous, scandalous, murderous. The interaction between characters is ferociously fun, between those who are unconventionally romantically entangled as well as the folks fighting with one another... or fighting for their lives.

Fun, fun, fun.

And, as I mentioned, not to be missed.

(You can see my full original review here.)

And now, the movie trailer you've all been waiting for (or, at the very least, that I have been waiting to share with you):


Don't miss this fun (did I already mention that?) film. Click right here to see where WILD CANARIES is playing in theaters as well as the many options there are for streaming the film online.

And for even more information, check out the WILD CANARIES official website.

I'd love to hear what you think of the film after viewing. Come on back and let me know! (I'll leave the light on for ya, I mean, the comments.)