Saturday movie review: Recent stinkers

I've recently had a bad run of films in my quest for under-the-radar-but-awesome movies to review for you. It's fairly common to come across a stinker or two between several movies I'm happy to watch and pontificate upon here on Grandma's Briefs. Rarely does it happen, though, to have three in a row — on DVD, not streaming — that just plain stink.

Such a trio made an appearance on my big screen this past week. Each one I had added to my Netflix queue, requested be mailed to me ASAP upon seeing their trailers. Because each one had a trailer that made me think This will make a great review!

Each one stunk. Big time. Leaving me feeling overwhelmingly obliged to tell you to avoid it. Regardless of how good the trailers might look. Regardless of each one's super cast you, like I, might believe would result in a worthy watch.

Here, in no particular order, is the stinky trio. Films of which I must say the quality and acting and engagement were so surprisingly bad I must — though it pains me to speak ill of some of my favorite actors — urge you to simply stay away:







I know, I know. You're likely crying, "Say it isn't so!" Particularly where Clive Owen, Christopher Walken, and Bill Murray are concerned. Sadly, my friends, it is so.

Disregard my warning at your own peril. Or your loss of precious time, at the very least.

Seen any of the above and disagree with me? Tell me about it in the comments!