Saturday movie review: Oscar time replays

I've spent far more time playing with my grandsons (or preparing to) this week than I did in front of screens watching movies. Hence, no movies recently watched, so no movies to review for today.

In light of that and the fact it's Oscar season, below are three movies I reviewed in the past year that have been nominated for 2015 Academy Awards. Just in case you missed my original review — or would simply like to refresh your memory — I offer you links to these reviews:

boyhood movie

BOYHOOD — Nominated in several categories, including Best Picture. Click here for review.

wild movie

WILD — Nominated for Best Actress (Reese Witherspoon) and Best Supporting Actress (Laura Dern). Click here for review.


finding vivian maier

FINDING VIVIAN MAIER — Nominated for Best Documentary Feature. Click here for review.

The 87th Academy Awards air February 22 on ABC. I hope to see (and review) a few other nominees before then.

Today's question:

Of all the Oscar nominees (not just those above), which are you most rooting for?