Saturday movie review: 'Enough Said'

I love that movies in which characters face — and struggle with — an empty nest are becoming more and more popular of late. I've been there, know how difficult it can be. So such movies resonate deeply with me and make me more fully appreciate that I've made it through the initial challenges of accepting the change and loss and embrace (for the most part) the opportunities and delights of this phase of life.

Enough Said

Which is why, even though I'm not a middle-aged divorcee in search of a partner, I so enjoyed the romantic comedy ENOUGH SAID, starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus and James Gandolfini. Well, that part of the story line as well as the bittersweet (many times more bitter than sweet), budding-romance part of the story line, too.

In ENOUGH SAID, Eva (Louis-Dreyfus) is a masseuse and divorced mother to a young gal who will soon leave for college. She meets Albert (Gandolfini) at a party, finds out they have much in common — he's divorced and has an only child heading off to college, too — and despite there being no huge fireworks, the two eventually begin dating.

What I loved about the movie: It's nice to see older people playing older people. And expressing the thoughts and fears and concerns of those in mid-life and beyond, in relation to the emptying nest as well dating in one's fifties.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus' performance felt so real. It was a treat to watch her emotions wash over her, whether joyful, content, sad... or bitchy. And she had some pretty bitchy moments. Mostly at the expense of James Gandolfini, whom felt equally real in the part. Gandolfini may be best known as Tony Soprano, but it it's the tender characters such as Albert (and Douglas Riley in WELCOME TO THE RILEYS) that most endeared me to him. Knowing there will be no more characters — good or bad — embodied by James Gandolfini made watching ENOUGH SAID all the more bittersweet.

And, of course, the fantastic Catherine Keener is always a joy to watch, as is Toni Collette, both of whom play friends of Eva — and ex-wife of Albert, in Keener's case — in these exceptionally well-acted film directed by Nicole Holofcener.

ENOUGH SAID (rated PG-13) has earned rave reviews from critics as well as several award nominations for the actors, director and more. It's now available on Blu-ray, DVD and digitally. Find out more on the official ENOUGH SAID website and Facebook page.

Today's question:

What is your favorite role played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus or James Gandolfini?