Saturday movie review: Cyber-Seniors

I do most of my connecting with my grandsons and their mama (my daughter) in various long-distance manners, most of which are online or via FaceTime. So I fully understand the value of being online and the importance of helping seniors get online.

Which is why I believe the documentary CYBER-SENIORS should be viewed by anyone who has an elderly parent or other loved one who could connect with friends and family online but has been hesitant to learn how to do it.

Today, though, I'm actually with my grandsons and their mama—visiting them in the desert rather than seeing pictures online or chit-chatting over FaceTime—so this movie review must be I can get on with the visiting. Here goes:

Cyber-Seniors documentary

Bare bones, bottom line: CYBER-SENIORS is super! And the poignant secondary story of the filmmaker's family dealing with cancer in more than one member will move you, possibly more so than the story of seniors learning to get online.

Share the documentary with an elderly family member who hasn't yet tried emailing or friending family and friends on Facebook. Places to view it online are noted here on the CYBER-SENIORS official website. Then help them get online. Be their first "friend" on Facebook, the first contact in their email address book.

An introduction to some of the super seniors starring in CYBER-SENIORS:

CYBER-SENIORS, a funny, insightful, inspirational (and unrated) documentary, is available for streaming online (see link above) and will be released on DVD in September. Find out more on the CYBER-SENIORS website.