Saturday movie review: 'Blue Jasmine'

Though I'm a longtime fan of Woody Allen's films, I wouldn't proclaim BLUE JASMINE a must-see film. It's not one of my favorites of Allen's — that honor belongs to PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO. It's Cate Blanchett's role as Jasmine in the film, though, that is a hands-down, no-doubt-about-it must-see.

Blue Jasmine on DVD

All the many, many nominations Blanchett has so far received — and won — for her part in BLUE JASMINE? Deserved. Very much so.

Blanchett does an incredible job portraying Jasmine, a pretentious, self-important socialite who flits and flaunts herself among the rich and well-traveled. Jasmine — whose name is really Jeanette but she changed it to better befit her high and mighty high-society station — eventually is unceremoniously bucked from her high horse in shameful fashion. She's left to live with her sister (played by Sally Hawkins), whom she considers so very low class and pedestrian. All the while, Jasmine teeters on the brink of a psychological implosion, obliviously assuming her rightful place is and always will be at the top of the world.

Jim and I watched BLUE JASMINE together the other night, and he pointed out about midway through that Jasmine is very much an updated Blanche Dubois. Agreed... completely. Moments later he turned to me and said, "I would NOT like that woman." Again, agreed... completely. I wouldn't like Jasmine either, at all. But I loved the way Cate Blanchett played her, made us dislike her so. Jasmine isn't deliciously evil as some powerful women in film can be, she's simply pathetic. And Cate Blanchett plays pathetic absolutely perfectly.

What I loved most about the film: Obviously, it's Cate Blanchett's performance. Though I do always enjoy the quirky and charming Sally Hawkins and the equally so Bobby Canavale. Also, it was nice to see Peter Sarsgaard — a favorite actor of mine — with a full head of hair.

BLUE JASMINE (Rated PG-13) is now out on Bluray, DVD and digitally. Find out more on the BLUE JASMINE website, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

Today's question:

Do you have a favorite Woody Allen film? Favorite Cate Blanchett movie?