Saturday movie review: 'About Time'

I wanted so badly to see ABOUT TIME starring Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams and Bill Nighy when it played in theaters late last year. Unfortunately, time was not on my side, and I ended up having to wait for it to appear on DVD and Blu-ray.

About Time

Which it did, much to my delight, March 4. I immediately had it in my hands — thank you, Netflix! — and playing on my television for my hubby and me.

ABOUT TIME is a romantic comedy from Richard Curtis, the director of such favorites as LOVE ACTUALLY, NOTTING HILL and FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL. If you enjoyed one of those films, you will enjoy ABOUT TIME. If you loved one of those films, you will undoubtedly love ABOUT TIME.

ABOUT TIME stars Domhnall Gleeson as Tim and Bill Nighy as his father. The movie, contrary to what one might assume upon seeing trailers and the presence of Rachel McAdams in the film, is Tim's story. And his father's story. Both father and son have the ability to go back in time — never forward — with one particular caveat related to their travels (which is revealed later in the film). Tim makes the most of his time-traveling, especially as it relates to meeting and eventually marrying Mary (McAdams).


What I most enjoyed about the film: The poignant relationship between Tim and his (unnamed) father is unforgettable, the kind of relationship I wish I had with a parent, the kind I wish I'd offered my children. The warmth and connection is admirable, enviable, and the true heart of this film. The parent-child relationship is one reason this film appeals to all ages.

Yet the relationship between Tim and Mary warms the heart, too, in surprisingly simple ways. Ways that made my oldest daughter share with me after watching it that she longs for a relationship that is equally comfortable, easy, enduring. I think we all would like such a thing — another reason ABOUT TIME appeals to all ages. Well, adults, that is.

Now, Rachel McAdams is a veteran of the time-travel genre, courtesy her role in 2009's TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE. Note, though, that this time traveling tale is nothing like that one. At all. As my daughter pointed out, time traveling was the emphasis of that one, the root of the story; in ABOUT TIME, it's simply one small part of a story about love that lives large and lasts forever, regardless of the ability to go back in time.

While ABOUT TIME gets heavy and smooshes up the heart at times, it also is, without doubt, a comedy, with hearty laughs, amusing dialogue and memorable silly moments.

Can you tell I loved this film? I did, without reservation. So did Jim and my daughter. So, too, did plenty of other folks, evidenced by the several awards (and one win) the film received.

I can't say enough about the loveliness of this film, so here's a bit on its equally lovely music:

ABOUT TIME (rated R for language and some sexual content) is available now on Blu-ray, DVD and digitally. Find out more on the official ABOUT TIME website.