Saturday movie recommendations: Our post holiday viewing

My husband and I recently discovered a few new streaming series to binge watch (Z Nation and The Crown at the top of the list) so we've spent less time on films of late. Which has severely narrowed my options for Saturday movie review posts.

That said, we have watched a few movies in the past month or so worth recommending. Some on DVD or streaming, and one in the theater.

Why recommend rather than review? Well, reviewing the first one just wouldn't be right as a review would surely reveal a major plot line that you must not know in order to fully appreciate the film. So I'll simply recommend it here versus review. The other two recommendations I've thrown in to make for a more meaty post. And because I liked them.

My three recent movie recommendations, three movies to consider adding to your Hmmm... Maybe We Should Watch That list:


Collateral Beauty 



The Magnificent Seven 2016


JANE GOT A GUN (Netflix streaming)

Jane Got A Gun


Today's question:

What have YOU watched since the holidays?