Saturday movie briefs: My will-see list (so far) for the 40th Denver Film Festival


The 40th Denver Film Festival is in full swing, and today I head to Denver for another screening.

My ride to Denver — with Jim in the passenger seat — is the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime Premium plug-in hybrid Toyota provided me for week one of the film festival. (Coincidentally and completely unrelated to my loaner vehicles, Your Hometown Toyota Stores sponsors several of the festival presentations, including LAST FLAG FLYING and THE LEISURE SEEKER). 

My ride for the 40th Denver Film Festival: 2017 Toyota Prius Prime hybrid 

My ride for the 40th Denver Film Festival: 2017 Toyota Prius Prime hybrid 

At the top of my will-see list today: STORY OF A GIRL, directed by Kyra Sedgwick (her directorial debut) and starring her husband, Kevin Bacon, and her daughter, Sosie Bacon. The trailer:

Though this film already premiered on Lifetime a couple months ago, it's a must-see for me because Kyra Sedgwick will be in attendance for the screening. (How cool would it be if the stars of the film were there, too!?)

With literally hundreds of films on the schedule, I'm continually adding to my will-see list of films throughout the two-week festival, but here's a glimpse of (just a few on the list) so far:

JASPER JONES (screened this past week)


HUMOR ME (screened this past week; no trailer available, just a clip)









I'll be viewing many others and plan to publish movie reviews on as many as possible in the weeks to come. So please do check back for those upcoming Saturday movie reviews here on Grandma's Briefs.

Visit 40th Denver Film Festival to find out more about all the amazing movies and more presented now through November 12, 2017.