Saturday movie briefs: 5 (possibly forgotten) family faves for Thanksgiving gatherings

5 movies for thanksgiving 2017.jpg

My favorite Thanksgiving film is the 1995 treat HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS. It's funny and sad and sweet and sorta romantic, and it's the one and only film I must see around the Thanksgiving holiday.

I set out to share with you today not only my Thanksgiving film fave but a few other family friendly movies with a Thanksgiving theme because if your family is anything like mine, watching a film or two together during extended family gatherings is a given.

Turns out the selection of quintessential Thanksgiving movies is slim to none. Those I did find are available primarily only on DVD, not streaming, which means families must decide in advance what to watch together — and how likely is that to happen?

There are still grand options for Thanksgiving weekend viewing, though. Classics that never fail to please viewers of varied ages. Younger family members, in fact, may have never seen one or two of the following, making for true Thanksgiving treats. Bonus: All my suggestions are currently streaming on Netflix (and possibly other services).

5 family faves for Thanksgiving gatherings

ET (1982)


GREASE (1978)


CHARLOTTE'S WEB (the original... 1978)


HOLES (2003) 



Happy viewing! And happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Today's question:

What movies are Thanksgiving must-sees for your family?