Saturday movie brief: Recent stinkers to avoid

During intervals between must-see movies making it to my mailbox from Netflix or streaming services finally showing a film my husband and I have long waited to see, we opt to watch movies we just kinda-sorta thought might be fun or interesting. Movies that might rise above our relatively mediocre expectations.

The following movies we recently watched on DVD were in that category. Each offered something or another that caught our eye, that we thought might capture our attention to while away 90 minutes or so in front of the TV screen.

They all pretty much stunk. We wasted our time and I'm here to warn you not to waste yours.

movies that stink


The trailer made it seem this film might resonate, elicit a chuckle and/or a sniffle of some sort. Key elements led me to believe it could be true: Susan Sarandon, a storyline of a long-married woman coming to terms with the loss of her hubby, empty-nest angst, and J.K. Simmons in a romantic-Sam-Elliott-sort-of supporting role.

Nope. I truly hate to say it, but Susan Sarandon as a naive numskull of sorts really did not satisfy. Unfortunately a stinker.




I love Adam Driver. His dry wit and sincerity always appeal. Except here. My husband and I watched til the very end thinking something would eventually happen to make it worthwhile. Nope. Not a thing. Sadly, a stinker.




Woody Allen films are a guilty pleasure for me. Guilty because the guy is more jerk than gentlemen. But I usually enjoy his movies. For reasons I can't really put my finger on, the rampant infidelity and idiocy of these characters irked me to no end. Through to the end. Surprisingly, a stinker.



Okay, okay. This one should have been a no-brainer in terms of the stinker scale. But I adore Bryan Cranston, had hopes he and James Franco might be more funny than fowl. I sincerely believed the two might be silly but sweet in some sort of redeeming way. How wrong I was. They (especially Franco) turned my stomach with their juvenile vulgarities. A stinker of exceptional smelliness.


Some critics and other movie fans may disagree with my stinker summation on these. But if you typically agree with my reviews and recommendations, I sincerely suggest you steer clear.


What stinkers have you recently seen and recommend steering clear of?