Saturday movie brief: A Star is Born... again

Fans of A STAR IS BORN as well as fans of Bradley Cooper and Stephanie Germanotta — that would be Lady Gaga to most of us — are all a-twitter online as production on the latest version of the beloved movie hits full speed.

Here's a tiny bit of the buzz (literally a tiny-sized bit you'll need to make full screen if this one's difficult to see; the embed code wasn't customizable):


Now, I adore Bradley Cooper and I think Lady Gaga, er, Stephanie is ah-mazing and huge-hearted (albeit a bit odd at times). But I love, love, love A STAR IS BORN. The Kris Kristofferson/Barbra Streisand version. The only version I know.... because I haven't seen the two that came before that. Shame on me.

A Star is Born 1976I was fully and completely spellbound when I first saw A STAR IS BORN on the big screen. So much so that I wasted no time in blowing all my saved-up babysitting money on the soundtrack — the first movie soundtrack I ever purchased.

I was horribly disappointed in the soundtrack, though, I must admit. Because I was an idiot a naive teen at the time and thought soundtrack meant it would be the entire sound of the film — all the dialogue as well as all the music. I had hoped to relive the romance and heartbreak of Esther and John Norman's ill-fated relationship, the high notes and the low, again and again as the record spun around on my portable turntable with detachable speakers. Alas, it wasn't to be.

I got over my disappointment relatively quickly, though, for it was the music that moved me most. This final performance — I apologize if this is a spoiler but, gee whiz, it's been out more than forty years — is my fave from the film.

Gah! I still get goosebumps just hearing, "Ladies and gentlemen, Esther... Hoffman... Howard."

I look forward to getting goosebumps from Gaga — and some sort of swoon-worthy singing and geetar playing from Cooper — when Cooper's A STAR IS BORN hits the screen in 2018. I have a feeling I'll end up buying the soundtrack soon after. With no expectation of dialogue being included. (live and learn)

Today's question:

What memories do you have of watching A STAR IS BORN — any version?