Salvaging content from disappointment

When I review products, my policy is to post reviews on those products my readers will appreciate. I prefer to not bash goods from good folks with good intentions whose only downfall is wares warranting a lukewarm "meh" in my opinion; I simply don't publish reviews on such products. (Though I do promise to publish warnings to steer clear of dangerous or deceptive goods, if such come my way.)

With that in mind, my grandsons recently reviewed a product they — and their mom — didn't find all that spectacular. It was one of those disappointing, meh sorts of products, which is why I never shared their unflattering review. (I did pass along all their comments to the PR woman who provided the product.) 

Their experience trying it out did, though, produce spectacular tub-trio pics of my three mini reviewers, photos I am delighted to share with you:

 brothers tub time

Cheers to rub-a-dub-dub, three grand boys in a tub!

And a special Cheers! to my teeniest grand boy getting a kick out of his rare tub time with his big brothers:

baby tub time

Today's question:

Of the gifts you gave during the holidays, which was the biggest success?