Running from the running bug

Somewhere along the line my daughters became runners. That should come as no surprise to regular Grandma's Briefs readers as I've shared many times the victories — mini and marathon — of Andrea, Brianna and Megan.

Though he's the son of running enthusiast Mommy Megan, Bubby does his very best to run from the running bug that nabbed his mom and aunties. That was confirmed again this past weekend.

Bubby, Mac and Mommy participated in a 5K on Saturday, a run to raise funds for a local cause. The objective Megan set forth to keep the boys (as well as her pregnant self) from wearing out too soon was to run a block, walk a block, run a block, walk a block, and so forth until the 3.1 miles (5K) were completed. Bubby would run and Mac would run as he could, always having the option to climb into the stroller Megan pushed as she ran/walked with them.

kids run mile marker

Now, Bubby doesn't care much for running. He's more of a baseball-playing kind of guy. Yet he was a good sport.

kids run mile marker 2

Mac was a good sport, too. Megan reported he sprinted as fast as his little legs would take him on the designated "run" blocks — then resorted to kickin' back in the stroller when his speedy style got to be too much for his tiny legs.

toddler in stroller

Despite his lack of affection for running, Bubby proved he certainly has the ability. In fact, he placed second in his age group, completing the course in just under an hour.

When presented his winning medal, Bubby proudly sported it for post-race pictures...

kids run medal 

Then he kindly, in the most prize-winning big-brother fashion, allowed stroller-strutting Mac to wear the medal for a photo, too...

toddler with running medal

You'd think a medal such as that would surely lead Bubby to give in to the running bug. Not happening. After the run was done, Bubby told Mommy he never wants to do a run again — at least not until he's 30! Later, when Megan pleaded with Bubby to join her just one more time for an upcoming Mother's Day run, Bubby let her know he'll happily buy her a gift for Mother's Day, but no way is he running — not even on Mother's Day.

Megan shared that conversation with me yesterday while Bubby listened in the background. "I do not like running!" he confirmed. 

Despite Bubby's resistance to running, the fun they had leads me to consider flirting with the running bug myself. If, that is, one of my running daughters will run alongside me, pushing a grandma-sized stroller for me to collapse into when the running gets to be too much.

Then again, after re-reading that paragraph and realizing just how very far from reality the idea of me running might be, I guess I'll just stay home and enjoy any photos Megan shares of her future runs with my grandsons.

Well, her future runs with Mac, that is. At least until Bubby turns 30.

post race kids run

Today's question:

What is the farthest you've ever run?