Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and 9 more goodies I could eat every single day

I recently ate at least one Reese's Peanut Butter Cup every single day for eleven days straight. Most of those eleven days it was more than one.

I blame it on Halloween. And the lack of trick-or-treaters just as much as my lack of motivation to keep my grubby hands out the bag of leftover candy.

food obsessions

See, Jim bought the BIG bag of Halloween candy this year, and when fewer than 20 kids rang our doorbell for treats, we were left gobbling up the treats ourselves for eleven-plus days. (Yes, you calendar-day counters, we did open the bag two days before Halloween.)

Yesterday, the twelfth day since the bag of Almond Joys, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, M&Ms, Whoppers, Hershey bars and Kit-Kats was opened, there still remained three packages of Whoppers, four Hershey bars and two Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

So I threw them all in Jim's lunch bag.

I needed to get them out of the house, away from my grubby hands and my Reese's Peanut Butter Cup-loving lips. I couldn't resist eating them yet knew that I must. Forcing Jim to eat them was the only way I could manage. ("Forcing" being coated with sarcasm as my husband's the quickest candy eater this side of the Missippi or the Rocky Mountains, whichever direction one might choose.)

As I threw the sweets into Jim's bag then quickly added an apple and sandwich and tucked it all in with a napkin so I couldn't quickly change my mind and dump the candy out for myself, I considered how Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are something I could eat every single day and never grow tired of them. The confection is part of an elite group of goodies belonging to such a category. Here are nine more: 

Mashed potatoes with extra pats of real unsalted butter topped with some pepper and lots of salt. Sure, the unsalted butter could (should?) be replaced with the salted sort and I could cut out the shaken salt. But that would take away all the fun of skimming off the salted layer of taters surrounding a pool of melted butter followed by a salt-skim-repeat action til the spuds are gone.

Avocados. Sliced on top of my breakfast eggs, sandwiched between spinach, meat and cheese on a sandwich, or smushed up into guacamole matters not, just give me my avocado, please. With a little salt on top, now and then, too.

Nacho Cheese Doritos. I could eat an entire bag of these in one sitting. Thankfully I have TMJ and have learned the hard way that getting through even one-quarter of the bag will leave me unable to open my mouth very far at all for at least a few days.

Root beer floats. Fortunately I CAN live in root beer floats, just in case I've eaten too many Doritos in one sitting.

Homemade jams. Some of Jim's coworkers found it odd last Mother's Day when Jim procured a few jars of homemade blackberry jam and black cherry jam from one of his coworkers (made by his wife) as a Mother's Day gift for me. But Jim knows me well, and my husband of 33+ years catered to my constant craving for fresh jam with big ol' chunks of real fruit goodness. Even Jim found it odd, though, when I told him I ate half a jar the first day. With a spoon... by itself... on nothing... not even a PBJ sandwich.

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Speaking of jam, a PBJ is my go-to goodie when I need a small infusion of protein. When I feel weak and woozy, I know it's protein time, PBJ time more often than not. I've been known to eat the juvenile favorite for breakfast and lunch. Sometimes on the same day.

Macaroni and cheese. Another juvenile favorite, I cannot resist macaroni and cheese. Not the kind that comes in blue boxes (though those will do in a pinch), but the kind where the noodles nearly float in a smooth and creamy, cheesy concoction, preferably homemade. I loved mac and cheese as a child. I loved making it as a mother and now as a grandmother, too. Mostly because if the kids don't eat all their dinner, Gramma is more than happy to get rid of the leftovers... by scarfing them down herself.

Pizza. Really? Do I need say more? Hot for dinner and cold for breakfast, I can eat pizza daily and never tire of it. When there was a mix-up in our delivery order a few months ago and the young fella delivering had three boxes on hand when we had ordered just one, I told Jim to just go ahead and accept all of it. We could eat pizza for a few days, I halfway teased. And we did eat it for a few days, and never grew tired of it.

Pomegranate lemon martinis. Sure, you drink not eat this one, but I can't resist. Considering all the kid foods I listed above, it may seem odd that my juvenile palate enjoys an alcoholic beverage. I do, though. It's long been 7&7s or margaritas for me (or a good beer now and then). I recently tasted a pomegranate lemon martini, though, and wanted more, more, more. My only complaint was that the martini glasses are so darn small; a beer mug-sized serving would be far more satisfying. Every day, please. I'm adult enough to know, though, how horrible such continued consumption might be for my health — and for my relationships, too — so I do abstain from the martini shaker... for the most part.

I unfortunately find such abstinence impossible when it comes to salt, though. Perhaps because I need not worry that Jim will divorce me over one too many shakes of the salt shaker.


Today's question:

What could you eat every single day and not tire of it?