Rate the grandparent gig

Because I write on topics related to a role near and dear to the hearts of many — that of grandparenting — I'm honored by the people who reach out to me through comments, private messages and emails to share their experience as a grandparent. Many times grandparents write to share joyous news, moments that warmed their hearts. Many other times, grandparents write to express sadness and heartbreak related to difficult situations involving their grandchildren.

rate the grandparent gig

After reading a particularly sad note from a grandmother the other day, I thought about how this grandparenting gig runs the gamut from the most grand and rewarding role we've ever filled, to one of continual despair and disappointment over being cut off from a grandchild — with a broad range in between. Many grandparents experience all of it... sometimes with the same grandchildren... sometimes all in the very same day.

As I considered that grandparenting can be exactly as awesome as the quotes emblazoned on mugs and the pinnable platitudes shared and shared again across the web yet also be the most heartbreaking thing we've ever experienced, I thought how interesting it would be to see how grandparents really feel about the role. On the whole. As a whole. A consensus on the grandparenting gig based on input from real grandparents being real honest about the realities of the role, great and not so great.

I searched online for such a survey. I didn't find one. So I made a (super short and simple) one myself, one I'd love for you to take.

The results of my Grandparent Gig Satisfaction Survey won't be scientific or fully accurate or anything along those lines. It will be interesting, though, for us to see how others feel about this gig that means so much to each and every one of us.

So here goes: Please answer in the comments as many of the survey questions as you're comfortable answering, numbering your answers. For example, 1) 5; 2) 3; and so forth, or in whatever way works for you. Note that I purposely used an even numbering system rather than odd because an odd number allows for cop-out answers in the middle. (Yeah, I tend to cop out myself when given the option.)

Oh, and if you'd rather not share your name, feel free to use a pseudonym or identify yourself as Anonymous or Disgruntled or Happy As A Clam or whatever. And if you want to add comments about any of your answers — or any other questions you think should be addressed — please do.

Thank you for playing along! And Happy Friday!

grandparenting satisfaction survey

Today's question:

All of the above!