Picture this: How pod people came to be... maybe?

A few weeks ago, I noticed several of these around my yard:

unknown growths in yard

I was afraid to touch them for fear they were pod people embryos.

Or spider nests that would spurt forth scads of spiders if I broke them open.

Or, at the very least, proof of huge birds plopping huge — albeit perfectly formed — droppings all about my yard.

So I asked Jim to take a look and a poke... while I stood back, ready to run.

Turns out they're just the initial stages of these:

mushroomsThis photo from Pixabay.com, not my yard.

I've never have been much of a fan of mushrooms. The idea the mystery splotches might be the genesis of pod people seemed a far more interesting story.

Today's question:

What's the most mysterious thing in your yard today?