Picture books to share with pint-size valentines

Share your love this Valentine's Day by snuggling with your favorite pint-size valentine to share these these sweet (and sometimes silly) picture books. No nearby kiddo to snuggle? These fun and colorful books are short and engaging, making them ideal for sharing over a Skype or FaceTime session, as well.

picture books for valentine's day

guess how much I love you

GUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU (panorama pop) by Sam McBratney, illustrated by Anita Jeram ($12; Ages 0 months and up) The beloved favorite of two Nutbrown Hares who love each other to the moon and back now comes in a panoramic version in a lovely slipcase—making it a perfect gift not only for the littlest of valentines but the big ones, too. Out of the slipcase and stretchd out wide, the double-sided book features pop-ups on several pages and looks like this:

guess how much I love you panorama

naptime with theo & beau

NAPTIME WITH THEO & BEAU by Jessica Shyba ($16.99; ages 2-5) This precious and peaceful photo-heavy story is best explained in the video trailer for the lovely book by popular blogger Jessica Shyba:

just right for two

JUST RIGHT FOR TWO by Tracey Corderoy, illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw ($15.99; Ages 3-7) Dog fits everything he needs into his little blue suitcase. With no other needs in the world, he's happy as can be. Then Mouse comes along and Dog quickly learns life is far richer with a buddy, and that his blue suitcase ends up perfect for two.

everything by emma dodd

EVERYTHING written and illustrated by Emma Dodd ($12.99; Ages 2-5) Mama Koala shows Baby Koala—and readers—that parents love everything about their children. Even when they're in a muddle, even when they need a cuddle. Foil accents on various pages are especially appealing to little ones.

when you were born 

WHEN YOU WERE BORN written and illustrated by Emma Dodd ($12.99; Ages 2-5) Another sweet tale with foil-accented pages that has parents—animal and human—expressing their joy upon a child's birth. Humans, of course, say it best: "When you were born, we all laughed... we all cried, and our dreams came true."

love and kisses 

LOVE AND KISSES by Sarah Wilson, illustrated by Melissa Sweet (board book; $6.99; Ages 0 months-3 years) Beginning with "Blow a kiss and let it go. You never know how love will grow," this books kiss grows sweeter the farther it goes. From cat to cow to frog and more, it's all about giving kisses—and getting them back.

Disclosure: I received these books free for review; opinions are my own. My No 1. opinion: They're all sweet and perfect for sharing with your sweeties. Enjoy!