Picky PICC! Plus, GRAND Social No. 216 link party for grandparents

Picky PICC!

Heading into our fourth week of me playing caregiver to Jim after his foot surgery due to a horrendous infection that had put him pert near septic throughout his system, things are going quite well. For the most part. He's still using crutches and a walker, unable to bear weight on the right foot, but the swelling is down, a few stitches have been removed, the antibiotics I administer each evening in his PICC line are doing their job.

There was, though, a snag on Saturday that scared us both. As he went to bed Friday night (bed being relative, meaning the family-room-couch-converted-to-a-bed-til-he-can-walk-the-stairs-up-to-his-real-bed bed), Jim noticed some blood pooled under the plastic seal on his PICC line dressing, blood that hadn't been there a few hours earlier when I administered his daily dose of antibiotics. It seemed to have stopped bleeding and my quick check of the "Beware of these issues" instructions from the doctor said a bit of blood can be expected now and then, so we decided to hit the sack and see how things look in the morning.

Jim immediately fell asleep (thanks, sleeping pills!). I sat in the chair beside him, keeping watch on his bloody stump arm til satisfied the bleeding had truly stopped then went to bed myself.

In the morning all looked well, I dropped Jim off at his office for a few hours of work, and when I picked him up I asked about his arm. He looked and it looked like this (warning: blood ahead):

bleeding PICC line 

Not good.

After a scary 30 minutes (which felt like three hours) waiting for a return call from the oncall nurse on the emergency PICC line, Jim got the call to come in and have it looked at.

I drove like a maniac getting my bleeding hubby to the clinic on the freakin' other end of the city calmly transported Jim to the PICC pros. Turned out it was just a picky PICC line, pulled too tight after the most recent weekly redressing by the RN. All fixed up, we headed home.

And gave thanks for medical staff who work weekends. And for picky PICC lines that can be fixed fast... for free.

GRAND Social No. 216

I'm delighted to once again host THE link party for grandparent bloggers, grandparent readers. Thank you for joining me!

grand social link party

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