Photo finish: Mini pro golfers

(This post could also be titled Pro mini golfers. Either way, I love these shots.)

I got some great photos of squirrels this past week, which I shared on Tuesday. But the photos below — sent to me via text by Megan — are my very favorite photos of the week, the very best photos for closing out the work week.

Bubby and Mac enjoyed a round of miniature golf with Mommy and Daddy on Sunday. Thankfully Daddy was a member of the golf team back in his college days and could share with the boys a few pointers on proper golfing technique.

toddler golfing 

Even left-handed Bubby.

miniature golf with dad

Megan said Mac enjoyed golfing... for a few minutes. That's understandable, considering it's still a month before the kiddo turns 3.

Bubby — who will soon be 6 — loved it, Megan said.

putt-putt golf 

Looks like this grandma just may be playing spectator at a PGA Open or two in the future — cheering on at least one grandson, if not two.

Happy Friday!

Today's question:

When did you last play golf, mini or otherwise?