Photo finish: Farewell

When good times turn out way bigger than you first expected, that's when you know you're on a roll! —Stephen Richards

The Life@50+ National Event concludes tomorrow, and what a good time we've had. I'm so grateful for all I've learned — and laughed about — in the past couple of days with these folks... plus a few other people not pictured.

AARP Member Advantages bloggers

Our primary host (in far back in orange) Clay Buckley, Vice President for Lifestyle, AARP Services, Inc.

From left: Zippy Sandler - Champagne Living; Christine Krzyszton - Frugal Travel Guy; me; Veronica and David James - The GypsyNester; Jennifer Huber (in front of David) - Solo Travel Girl; Donna Hull - My Itchy Travel Feet; Ronna Benjamin - Better After 50; Chris Owen - Life Is Cruising; Mary Ann and Robert Fowler - Retirement Media and Baby Boomer Places.

Stay tuned for photos, recaps and more in the days to come.

Happy Friday!

Oh... And for those who may not return to Grandma's Briefs until after the weekend: HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

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