Perfectly natural, plus GRAND Social No. 189 link party for grandparents

Perfectly natural

My daughter, Megan, mother to my three grandsons, arranges for an annual family portrait with a professional photographer. Though the photos always look super to me from my biased grandma perspective, try as they might — photographer, Mom, and Dad — one or another of the boys (or parents) are looking away or blinking or being unhappy or uncooperative in each and every shot.

The same happens when I attempt photos of all three boys together (as a trio or with me). Even more so when Megan and Preston pose with their boys. The results tend to be far from perfect when seeking perfection.

Megan and Preston visited San Diego over the weekend, the boys in tow as Preston attended a conference there. They visited the beach and paused for a picture. I have no idea who snapped the shot, but it's clear that not expecting everyone to pose and say cheese is the way to go, as this picture (which I've cropped from the original Megan shared) is absolutely perfect.

family at beach

Their best family portrait yet.

I love it! And them!

And whomever the savvy photog was who snapped my beloveds in a perfectly natural — and so them — shot.

GRAND Social No. 189

Welcome to another link party just for grandparents. If you're a grandparent blogger, share a link. If you're not a blogger — or grandparent — you're more than welcome to read the links listed. Enjoy!

grand social link party

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