Perfection... no effort required

“About the only thing that comes to us without effort is old age.” 
 Gloria Pitzer

Most days I agree wholeheartedly with cookbook author Gloria Pitzer's quote above. I put in a fair amount of effort — and thoughts on how to most effectively put forth said effort — toward being a halfway decent wife, mother, friend, human being.

The same is true regarding my attempts to achieve something at least halfway close to pleasing when fiddling about with photography. I take a jazillion photos, choose one that's perhaps meh, then tweak with PicMonkey to bring it closer to what I had hoped I might achieve straight out of the camera. It requires much effort for far-from-perfect pics.

Then there are those days that flout Ms. Pitzer's assertion, days when capturing the perfect picture — straight out of the camera — requires nothing more than stepping outside at the right moment, standing in the middle of my street, and aiming my camera to the west. Such no-effort photography produced this... thanks to the natural beauty and perfection of the place I'm fortunate to call home:

pikes peak
Pikes Peak at dusk — February 10, 2016

If only being a halfway decent wife, mother, friend, and human being could be achieved as effortlessly.

Today's question:

Where have you recently achieved something close to perfection with little effort required?