Organization tips for Grandma: Clever storage for toys and more

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To many grandparents, the process of keeping up with the grandkids' toys and more never seems to end. And while your home may never look quite like the perfect rooms in magazines, especially when the grandkids are visiting, a few clever solutions can make it easier to get — and keep — toys, books and clothes more organized.


Think Vertical

If the space where you most often entertain your grandkids is small or doesn't have a lot of built in storage, vertical storage may be helpful.

• Add wall hooks or a peg rack at a height your child can reach and hang up sweaters, pajamas, jackets and book bags.

• Tiered organizers that hang from a closet rod can hold small stuffed animals, clothing items, or shoes.

• Wall hangers with pockets can be hung on the back of a door to hold shoes, small toys and craft supplies.

Boxes, Baskets and Bins, Oh My

Use containers to keep toys and other items sorted and make it easy to put away. Label the outside with words or pictures to help your child know exactly where to put things.

• Home Bento boxes have internal flex dividers, which let you divide up the space within the box however you need it. Use them for small clothing items, craft supplies, small toys and games. They stack on top of each other, making it easy to maximize shelf space.

• Baskets are lightweight and often have handles, so it's easy for a child to take them off the shelf and put them back. Basket liners let you coordinate the look to match your child's room.

• Plastic storage bins can hold larger toys and play sets, off-season clothing and shoes. You can find bins to fit on shelves and under the bed, as well.

Make it Fun

There's no reason something as pragmatic as storage can't be fun, too.

• Keep pens, pencils and markers together in a plastic paint can or flower pot the kids have decorated.

• Place Velcro strips on toys and on playroom walls. Kids will enjoy sticking their toys to the wall, and you'll enjoy a cleaner play space.

• Get an unpainted wooden crate from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft stores, and paint, stain or decoupage it with whimsical colors and designs.

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Project Time For Crafty Grandparents!

The fun Dotty Crate with Drawer pictured above is a great way to give grandchildren a fun and functional storage space — and you can get it done in less than a day.

Dotty Crate with Drawer

Some experience necessary

Crafting Time: 3 to 5 hours

Supplies and Tools:

    Wood crate with 1 drawer (available at craft stores)

    Soy Stains: Fruitwood, Cherry, Walnut

    Rubber gloves

    Old washcloth, soft rag

    Circle templates


    Ruler or yardstick

    1/2-inch flat paintbrush

1. Using rubber gloves and an old cloth, rub the lightest stain, Fruitwood, over entire piece, on every surface that will be visible.

2. Stain the middle slat of the drawer Walnut; stain the 2 adjacent slats Cherry. Repeat for the other side of the drawer; include slat edges when staining.

3. Lightly impress circles on the front of the drawer and the top of the chest using the circle template and stylus. On the sides of the chest impress lines for 2 stripes of different widths, using a ruler and stylus.

4. Fill in the circles and stripes with either Cherry or Walnut stain. For different stain intensities, 2 or even 3 coats of stain can be applied to some circles and some stripes.

Source: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores

Today's question:

What's your top storage tip for all the fun stuff you keep for entertaining the kids?