Operation Wasp Annihilation

My husband and I ate dinner outside on our deck on Saturday evening. As we noshed on our nummy gyros from our favorite Greek restaurant, I had to keep swatting away what I thought were bees.

"What the heck's up with all the freakin' bees?" I asked Jim.

One quick look around—and up—told us exactly what was up... and that it wasn't bees. It was wasps! A huge melon-sized hive of them just above the door to our garage.

The size of the hive floored me! I immediately put down my gyro and texted a photo to Brianna and Andrea... mostly because they'll be caring for our house this coming weekend and I wanted to warn them of what awaits.

In no time, Brianna's ever-handy and always helpful boyfriend, Patrick, arrived at our house with his son, Bud, and a spray can of wasp and hornet killer that shoots a heavy-duty stream from a safe 27 feet away.

Together, Patrick and Jim annihilated the persistent pests while Bud and I looked on (and I took 239 photos!).

wasp nest

So disgusting.

Yet so fascinating.

And so thankfully gone!

Hooray for pest spray. And Patrick!

Today's question:

What's your creepiest, crawliest bee or wasp story?