On spidorpions and refrigerator art

My grandsons live in the desert, where creepy crawly things reside, too.

Most of those creepy crawly things — primarily scorpions and lizards but sometimes other icky things — though horrifying to me, are merely common sightings for Brayden, Camden, and Declan. Nothing to write home, I mean, write Gramma about.

The boys — and Megan — recently encountered a critter like none they'd encountered before. One they weren't even sure what it was. First Megan, then Brayden, then Camden described the unusual insect to me over the phone. First Megan, then Brayden, then Camden said it was like a spider... that was like a scorpion... combined... into one nasty thing of nightmares that they decided must be a spidorpion!

Camden in particular was quite fascinated by the find and went into great detail with me, describing how it was discovered in the garage, right next to one of the boys' bikes.

Earlier in the conversation I had mentioned to Brayden and Camden that Gramma needs new drawings for her refrigerator. I'm still displaying turkeys and snowmen from their visit last November.

So I seized the moment!

"You should draw me a picture of it!" I told Camden. "Then have Mommy mail it to me so I can see exactly what the scary spidorpion looks like."

And Camden did exactly that!

A few days after the phone call, I received an envelope in the mail, marked in green on the back with "frum Camden to Gramo." (period included) Inside was this:

camdens spidorpion drawing.JPG


Ah... so that's what a spidorpion looks like! Inclusion of the bicycle to provide reference on the spidorpion's location was key. And so darn cute. (Though I sincerely hope the perspective on the spidorpion in relation to the bike was inaccurate.)

Cuter still: Camden sent a little something for PawDad, too. Stapled to the spidorpion rendering was this, for Jim... of Jim, I'm pretty sure:

camdens pawdad drawing.JPG


PawDad in all his glory!

My refrigerator art has been officially updated. Now featured in a place of prominence is a reminder to steer clear of the bikes in the garage next time I visit my grandsons in the desert.

As well as a reminder of how handsome my partner in grandparenting is.

Both courtesy my creative — and accommodating — Cam!

Today's question:

What's on display on your refrigerator?