On friendship, good fortune and new recipes

As it's the end of the week and everyone's brains are fried — it's not just me, right? — I'm offering up very little in the way of food for thought in today's post. Instead, I'm offering up real food. By way of three new recipes I just added to the Grandma's Briefs Recipe Box yesterday.

First up — and just in time for the kick off of football season — is a game-day goodie I call Good Fortune Dip.

black-eyed pea dip

The good fortune refers to it not only being a lucky charm for football gatherings, but for another reason, too. Click the photo above to see what that is... as well as the recipe, of course.

Another game-day (or any day) recipe is what I like to call Colorado Caviar. Yeah, it's quite similar to Cowboy Caviar, but mine is Colorado style. Or my style, at least. Click the pic below and you'll get the skinny on this absolutely addicting stuff.

 Colorado Caviar

And now I'll close with a dessert course, a little something I call Friendship Cake:

Friendship Cake 

Why is it called Friendship Cake? Click on the photo above and you'll see why. But here's one small hint...

friendship cake

Bon appétit!

And Happy Friday, too!

Today's question:

What is your favorite game-day — or any day — dip?