On firsts and embracing new experiences

My grandsons had "a day of firsts" on Monday, Megan shared on social media that day.

Brayden embarked on his first overnight church camp experience...

boy going to camp

And Declan attended Vacation Bible School for the very first time...

toddler at VBS

Though he didn't go to camp and had attended VBS in the past, Camden had his first taste of being the one and only go-to big brother for Declan to rely on at VBS — as well as at home — while biggest bro Bray is away...

boy at VBS

The photos Megan shared showing the boys' enthusiasm for their firsts seemed to me like ideal images to accompany words of wisdom on embracing whatever new experiences come our way — regardless of one's age!

life experiences quote

discover unexpected quote

experience everything quote

Could there be more adorable inspiration than my go-get-em grands?

Not in my experience!

Today's question:

What firsts have you recently embraced... or rejected?