On art and brotherly love

My two youngest grandsons are great buddies. While big brother Bubby is off at school, Mac (4) and Jak (16 months) spend a lot of time together enjoying such things as kicking back on Mommy's bed to watch TV while Mommy gets ready for her day.

brother watching TV 

Their close connection doesn't keep Mac from throwing Jak under the bus now and then, though. Especially when it comes to avoiding the wrath of Mommy.

To wit: Megan texted me yesterday to relate the morning's first act. Mac and Jak had been playing together downstairs when Mac walked upstairs and told Mommy, "(Jak) got a marker and colored on himself. But don't worry, I took it away."

Megan headed down to assess the damage and found this:

scribbles on baby face 

After seeing Jak, Megan told Mac she knew that he was the one who did it, and she asked him why.

"I don't know," Mac nonchalantly replied. "But I like drawing with green."

What better canvas for drawing with his favorite color than his beloved baby brother's face?

Just another example of wacky Mac being quite the piece of work.

As is his green-scribbled masterpiece, too!

Today's question:

What similar marker disasters, er, masterpieces have been created by little artists in your family?