Off the shelf and in my arms

Megan sent this photo along with other goodies at Christmas time:


My adorable grandsons sit upon my shelf, where I can see them and smile throughout the day.

Today, though, my adorable grandsons — in the flesh, not in a photo — will be in my arms, for I'm off to the desert! Hooray!

I'll be in the desert for a week, hugging and loving on Bubby, Jak, and Mac. And Megan a bit, too.

I hope you'll forgive the limited love I'll be showing my blog during that time. There will be posts here, but they might be sparse. I have a feeling you, my fellow grandmas, understand, though, and I thank you for doing so.

(I will be posting photos on social networks now and then, so be sure to keep an eye out for me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.)

Cheers to the grandmahood! And to hugging grandkiddos, too!

Today's question:

When did you last hug and love on your grandchildren?