Of this I can't resist: Pre-Thanksgiving Christmas cheer

I typically steer clear of anything smacking of Christmas cheer before Thanksgiving. I do my best to avoid holiday displays in the stores until after the Thanksgiving turkey leftovers have filled my fridge. I ignore collecting recipes for Christmas treats and eats before I've enjoyed my Thanksgiving cranberries and pumpkin pie. And Christmas tunes of any sort are absolutely forbidden on my stereo, car radio, iPod and any other musical device until Thanksgiving evening, at the earliest.

Yes, I do my best to resist anything that upsets the order of my holidays.

My resistance to pre-Thanksgiving Christmas cheer dissolved immediately, though, when Megan shared on Facebook and in a text message a Christmas-y pic of my favorite boys.

Christmas brothers 

Oh, my! How could I resist such smiles, such cuteness? I simply could not resist increasing the Christmas charm by adding a candy cane frame. I couldn't resist making the cheery photo the wallpaper on my computer and iPhone — lock screen and home screen — either.

Okay, <cuss> it! Yes, I admit I've joined the masses in oohing and aahing over Christmas cheer before Thanksgiving's even here. But can you blame me?

Don't even think you'll catch me Christmas shopping on Thanksgiving, though. That I can and will resist. Black Friday shopping, too. Guaranteed.

Unless, of course, I were to live near the cuties above and they begged Gramma to take them. Such cuteness I truly cannot resist, regardless of date, regardless of resolution.

(Yet another reason I should be thankful I'm a long-distance grandma.)

Today's question:

How well do you resist shopping on Thanksgiving and Black Friday?